DesignQuack specializes in design for orchestras and music festivals.
We strive to provide fresh and whimsical ideas that better connect
people with their brands.

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Our Services


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Branding is at the core of it all. Logo design, branding style-guides, identity suites, brand consulting, and creative collaboration. Everything you need to get started with your new business or if breathing new life into an existing business. Great branding is ducking important![/service]

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Web Design & Development

We design dynamic WordPress-based websites that differentiate you from the rest. We handle it all from design and development to social media integrations, SEO and Google analytics (and then some). Let us take a quack at it![/service]

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Print & Digital Design

We design attention-grabbing postcards, ads, posters, web ads, social media artwork, e-newsletters, and brochures to effectively market your next event or newest product. We help you get your ducks in a row![/service]

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Our Team


DesignQuack is a small woman-owned design agency with Deb Cavrak as the Creative Director at the helm.

Web Specialist, Sue Cavrak oversees web maintenance and keeps e-newsletters looking oh-so-fine, while Freelance Art Directors Jessica Salinas and Susan Waszczak collaborate and contribute their design expertise to the team.

We each work independently, collaborating when needed, and sharing nachos when hungry. Most of our work consists of branding and web development, while the rest is split between print and digital design projects.

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Our Clients