Creative Director & Owner

Deb Cavrak

Deb juggles creative direction with gummy bears and wiener dogs, and rarely drops a thing. She treats life like a nonstop treadmill run: some sweat, some laughs & tears, and then some beers. Repeat.

“I’ve been designing professionally for 25 years, creating designs for orchestras, musicians, and youth organizations. Most of my clients have come via word-of-mouth, leading me to think that I’m doing something right. Or, maybe this world just needs more designers (said no one ever).

Post high school, I pursued an interior design degree at Kent State University, later transferring to Penn State University for Graphic Design, and finally earning my Bachelor’s of Science degree from LaRoche College. This was back in the days of press-type, intricate Xacto skills, and when it took someone five years to get a Bachelor’s degree. Or, was it just me?

My early work experience includes design & production manager of a printing company, art director for a small ad agency, and Director of Image for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for 11 years at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh.

As an organizer out of necessity and an empathizer for as long as I can recall, my design strengths are in branding projects & web design. I believe its THE most important work you can do for your business! Combine that with the arts, joyful clients, and working from just about anywhere — I’ve got a dream job!

Beyond design work, I enjoy finding a new hiking trail and not getting lost, cycling without the butthurt, painting without the cleanup, excellent concerts when I have an aisle seat, and home-brewing while sampling. I am also (but foremost) a proud mother of an artistic young adult with a talent-fueled fever for oil painting & pottery.”