The Struggle is Real

I got stuck in my sports bra today. Couldn’t get it on. Couldn’t get it off. It was maddening.

Although a bit of a stretch (unlike my sports bra), it brought to mind my constant struggle to share my most recent design projects. It’s all about timing. When a project is completed it’s a little too soon to share as clients have yet to distribute the final product. And once they have, I’ve got my head stuck in an all-new schedule of projects.

But, Enough excuse-making! This isn’t hard. Let me present you now with some recent work. Projects in this album include:

  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 1819 Season BNY Mellon Grand Classics Brochure
  • The Shyne Network sponsorships seminar flyer
  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 1819 Season PNC Pops Brochure
  • Albany Symphony 1819 Season classical season-at-a-glance flyer
  • Rhode Island Philharmonic 1819 Season flyers (2)

(Disclaimer: This post was created upon completion of projects, but post-dated through the magic of WordPress.)

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